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Historical Church Photo - B&W - Small Group

NCLA started as a home church in the early 1960s by Reverend Ollie and Otcie Nowlin.  In 1964 they purchased an old Presbyterian church and Crown of Life church was started.  On November 15, 1964 Reverend W. G. Dixon, the state superintendent, came to set the church in order and announced it was fully affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

Historical Church Photo - B&W - Large Group
Historical Church Photo - Color - Large Group

In 1971 construction on the a new sanctuary was started and continued through 1972.  In 2020 the fellowship hall was remodeled.

Photo of a service
Fellowship Hall

On March 20, 2016, Pastors Frank and Debbie Jordan became the lead pastors of New Life Christian Assembly.  Under their leadership NCLA has continued to grow and update their facilities to meet the churches needs.

Old Sign
New Sign

NLCA is continually looking towards the future and what God has planned.  We thank God for our blessed pass and those who served faithfully so we can be a light in our community today.  We now pray for the future generations that are to come so they may continue the great work that God has ordained for NLCA.

Current Church Photo - Angled
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